xStor Homogenized Storage

A revolutionary new concept in high-density big data storage.

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The xStor Difference

Why xStor?

Bulletproof Hardware

xStor hand-selects only the very best, certified enterprise-grade components. We refuse to cut corners and jeopardize your critical business data.

Remarkable Innovation

Our innovation is not fettered to the inside of a branded box. This freedom to venture outside of proprietary limits allows us to push storage boundaries.

Lifetime Support

Companies love to tout their dedication to support, but how many deliver? xStor will stay right by your side for the life of your equipment.

The xStor Advantage


We know what makes xStor better, and you will too after reading this.

xStor arose from the collaborative efforts of three companies, each with unique requirements, which discovered that virtually every storage offering was either egregiously overpriced or woefully underpowered, and that all of them meant at least some retooling and bending on our part to fit inside of the variegated constraints unilaterally imposed by these so-called “solutions.”

As a result, we formed xStor — a new way to package commodity storage with enough flexibility to fit like a bespoke glove around the way you do business. xStor literally harnesses virtually every storage topology — FC SAN, NAS, FCoE, iSCSI — and technology — SMB, NFS, CIFS, AppleTalk, Block, File, Object — and crams all of this technology into every solution we sell. With it, you can pick one or run every technology concurrently. You can have Block and File running simultaneously while running Object Stores and CIFS.¬†We then add in unparalleled performance that decimates any and all competing solutions.

With xStor you get a Top Fuel Dragster that handles like a Formula One car and is as rugged and durable as an Abrams Tank — all for the price of a family sedan.

xStor Homogenized Storage

Some of Our Happy Campers

These are just a few of the smart cookies that are enjoying the xStor difference.

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